The LY design purposed L-finesse, the Lexus design language, for maritime duty, having a smooth, nearly seamless blend of helm, deck, and hydrodynamic hull for an assertive iconic demeanor.


In its most succinct form, L-finesse can be described as ‘leading-edge design and technology applied with finesse’. This simple definition conceals a complex philosophy, the understanding of which is unlocked through a greater appreciation of the word ‘finesse’.


L-finesse leans heavily on artistic forms yet remains unpretentious with its implementation of minimalistic-yet-functional aesthetics. Creativity under the L-finesse umbrella is innately limitless; however, it is shaped by its core tenets of Seamless Anticipation, Incisive Simplicity, and Intriguing Elegance – all of which began with the 42’ concept yacht and now manifest themselves throughout LY 650.